Monday, February 9, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 20

Wow this week was a really slow and boring week. :P Every lesson we had set up fell through. It was a long week of tracting and potentials.

P-day. We then had supper at Sis Beech's. We then went over and had milkshakes at the Lamoureux's. 

We did studies and tried some people downtown. We were supposed to have a lesson with Dwayne, but he wasn't home. Dropped. Can't keep setting up appointment and having him not be home. We then had a lesson with Dan and Bud. Don't know how promising Dan is really going to be. We then just tracted and tried potentials. We picked up supper from Soares and ate at the other elders apartment. We then tried by more po's and then went with Bro Lockhorst to see LA Olsen's. It was actually a really good lesson. Bring members to everything. :)

Studies, tracting and po's, time, tracting. We had supper with McAteer's :). We then tracted more and then went and visited Roy's with Bro Olsen. It was more of a visit, but still great to bring a member.

District Meeting. Elder Walker baked some bread. We then went home and grabbed a little bit of food and then went out to the Kidds. Helped them with wood and changing spark plugs and had supper and talked about getting Bro Kidd to church. 

We did weekly planning. We had lessons set up with Mark, Georgina, and Marius and Carina. We texted Sis Landrum the night before to confirm that they could still come and she told us that Marius and Carina were going to be in Edmonton and had to cancel. We texted Mark to see if he was still good and he was going to be busy with the doctors and couldn't keep the appointment. We got to Georgina and were waiting for Sis Fitzner and Montoya. Sis Fitzner showed up and was just going to go inside. Georgina forgot we were coming and was still in her pajama's and wanted to reschedule. Another day of tracting. :P We had supper with Diggle's and then tried potentials.

After lunch we went and grabbed some shovels from the church. We got dumped on the night before. We shoveled the church sidewalks and then went and shovelled some LA's, Investigators and Potentials driveways. Some we knew were gone and we wanted to shovel it so they didn't have to worry about it when they got back. :) So 5 or so hours later of shoveling snow, we took supper. We then tried by some people. 

We had Ward Council. We then had church. Mike (Bro Beck's co-worker) and his wife Krista came to church. They are pretty much new investigators. :) It was awesome. We then had coordination. We had a small lunch, tried by a few people and then went to supper at Aulenbach's with the Lamb's. Elder Neilson and I went on a quick exchange since the other elders had a lesson with some one in our area. We ran back to the apartment since I forgot a toque and then tried by some people. We exchanged back and tried some LA's. 

It was a really slow week and I hope that this week will go better. I know it will. It's going to be hard to get worse. :D
Love, Elder O'Neill

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