Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 21

Wow this week was crazy. I don't even hardly know where to start.

Well It was Pday. Did the usual and then had supper with the other Elders. WE then tried some people in Gregoire. 

Well we did the usual tracting and potentials. We went on splits with the Zone leaders that night. I was with Elder Waddoups. We stopped by Nahia and actually set up a return appointment with her. It was a miracle. :) Haven't talked to her in two months. We then all had supper with the Schmidt's and Grants. It was a lot of fun. We then tried by a few people. We were able to get in and talk with Eddy for a bit. He is a really cool guy. More about him later. 

Well they were doing some things for our apartment so we had to be out of there by 9. We went over to the Fitzner's and did studies and had lunch. Well with the wind it was -45 so we couldn't go out. We stayed at the Fitzners for a while. The other elders were having some problems with their apartment and so the Zone leaders stayed with us that day. We had supper with Sis Kidd and then we went to the Bikers for Christ Bible study. Eddy is a part of it and invited us to go. He was totally shocked when we showed up. It was really awesome. They are really great and Eddy has told us since that they really enjoyed us coming. :)

Well the Zone Leaders took off early early that morning to drive back. We did the usual and then had district meeting. We went to a great place for lunch. Freshii. The owner is one of the bikers. :) It was soo good. We then tried by some people and then went out to the Kidd's. Helped them and had supper. We then hurried and drove back to meet with Diana. :) It was a pretty great lesson. She got a little fired up when we were talking about fast offerings, but she feels the same. It's not a hand-out, but a hand up (Bro Fitzner). It went well. 

We did Weekly Planning and then we went and did Facebook. We then went and visited with Bud and Dan. We then tried by some people and tracted. We had supper with Lockhorst's and then went with Bro Lockhorst to see LA Olsen's. It was a great lesson and felt like it actually went somewhere. :)

We had a lesson with Nahia!!! Like I said earlier we haven't seen her since the beginning of December. She went to Edmonton for Christmas and then got busy with school and it's been a struggle to connect with her. We went in not really sure of what to expect and it seems like nothing was different. It seemed more like we haven't seen her in a week than in two months. She stopped reading the Book of Mormon, just because she was busy. We recommitted her to reading and praying. She is so prepared still. :) We then had lunch at Fitzner's. Bobby D was supposed to come, but didn't. We went and stopped by his new place. He had to move into town so we can see him more. We stopped by and talked with him for a bit and are reteaching him the lessons. We then ran home to get a progress record and ended up talking with one of our neighbors. He is Muslim and we had a good talk. He's open to talking, but not sure where it's going to go. We had supper with Pickett's and then we went and dropped off the progress record. We then went and met with Simpson's and Bro Swainson. Their trip sounded like a lot of fun, but not much has changed with them.

Well we had Ward Council and Church. It was cool since it was High Council Sunday, one of the High Councilmen came up. It was Bro Johnston from Londonderry. It was great to see him. :) We then had a Linger Longer Pot-luck. Ya Food. We went and tracted and then we had supper at Beaulne's. We then went and met with Eddy. He's awesome and so willing to learn more. :) We then were going to go see the Francis family, but they were busy so we went to the Roy's. 

It was Family Day and since most people were going to have work off pday was changed. Well we spent most of the day tracting and not finding much success. We had supper with Fitzner's and had a really good talk with Sis Fitzner. :) We stopped by the Francis' again, but he wasn't home. 

Well that was my week. A bit of a Gong show, but I managed. :) Still alive and still smiling. :D
Elder O'Neill

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