Monday, February 9, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 19

Well this week was interesting for sure. Lots of changes and surprises. Well I'll start with we got a new car. I don't know really why they switched our newer Chevy Equinox out, but we now have a brand new Chevy Colorado. Yep I'm driving a truck. :)

Well it was transfers. Everything with us stayed the same. Elder Kriesel was transferred. We did the normal p-day stuff. We ran to our apartment with Bro Fitzner so he could do an apartment inspection. We then went back and had supper. We then went and saw the LA Olsen's. 

We were doing studies and we got a call from Bro Beck if we could help chip some ice. We went and helped clear off Lokhorst's driveway, where his mother lives. He then took us out for lunch. Bangers and Mash. :) It was super good. We then went and did FB. We then went and tracted into Michael, a friend of Bro Beck's. He was cool and said we could come back. We then tracted a bit. We then stopped by Davis' and got in and talked with them for a bit. :) We then had to run to supper with Rivers. We then went to Jackson's. Pretty good day. 

We did studies, lunch, and time. We then went to go meet with one of the pastors at the Family Christian Centre, but when we went the doors were all locked. Lights are on but nobody's home. :) We then tracted and tried potentials. We stopped at Fitzner's to warm back up for a bit. We then had supper with Montoya's. We then went and visited with the Roy's and did the 21 day challenge with them. 

We had District Meeting and lunch. We then tried by some people. Bro Fitzner asked if we could come fill out some new and returning member forms and hellp paint. well we weren't dressed to paint so we changed and then came back and filled out the papers and had to leave. :P We then went out to the Kidd's. We had supper with them. We then went and met with Diana. She is doing soo well. She committed to pray to know if what we are teaching her is true. She was telling us that she needs to pray about one thing, but now we are asking her to pray about something and which one is most important. We told her, pray for both. There is not a limit to the prayers or questions to be prayed about. :) It was awesome. 

We did Weekly Planning. We then did Facebook. We then had a lesson with Mark with Bro Schmidt. It was a good lesson. Mark is doing really well. We then just tracted. We had supper with Christine and then tried by some other people. 

We did studies and lunch. We went to the church and created a list of short verses that we can give to people to read from the Book of Mormon. We then just tracted....all day. Tract for a bit, get in the car, warm up, go back out. :P It's crazy how many people are just simply not here. We had supper at the Pickett's. We then went and visited with Bro Olsen about the challenge and then the Stewarts.

We had church. It was really good. Elder's Quorum has been interesting the last couple of weeks. gets way off topic. We then tried by people. We had supper at Mackay's and then went to visit Beaulne's and then Schmidt/Grants. It was a pretty good day. We got home and had sort of planned, when the other elders called. The northern lights were out so we went out to see them. It was sweet. :)

Well that was my week. Not much happened. Where did the people go? Oh well, that's life. :)
Elder Colin O'Neill

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