Monday, April 27, 2015

Southgate Chapter 6

Well this week was interesting. Lots of craziness and random fun. :) It was a pretty great week.
We had P-day. Got a haircut from Sis Hardy. We then met the other zone at a park and played around. We had supper with Stewart's and Raaflaubs. We were supposed to go help the Lee's with their basement, but He wasn't home. We tried by some people and then tried back and he still wasn't home. We then tried some others.
We had to go into the office early that day for an audit. Passed I guess. :) Then we were just working on stuff their for the day. We had supper with the McMurray's. We then went to the Monteith's.
We were in the office again that day. We then left and had a lesson with the other Elders with Trish. She is a LA that was pretty sudden lesson. We then had supper with the Byam's. We then tracted and stopped by the Habing's for a bit.
We had District Meeting in the morning. We then went on Splits with the Other Elder's. I was with Elder Low in the other area. We tried by some people, Tracted and then tried by some Part-members and Prospective elders. We then switch back at Raaflaubs for supper. We made home made pizzas :) We then did I don't know. I can't remember....
Well we did some planning we then went and taught Steve. He's a cool guy. Super willing to learn. Not much response from him though. We then had to go into the office again for a bit. We then left and tracted a bit, in the rain. :) We had supper with Carter's and then we went down to the church for Facebook. On the way home we met this guy who we had a cool conversation with. He is an Orthodox Christian and explained to us about what that is. It was cool.
Well we had a lesson with Josue. We took a member from the YSA ward who speaks Portuguese. He didn't really help much... We found out more about his beliefs. He is Spiritus, which basically is a Christian who believes in Reincarnation. Strange... We then did time. We went back to the bus station and met some girls from the Rutherford and Connor's Hill Ward. They were waiting for a friend they met the day before that is blind and wants to learn about the church. We then went into the mall and taught him a little bit more. He was previously taught by some YSA elders and that's where he is going to be taught. It was cool and random. We then had supper with the Woodruffs. We then just tracted.
We had PEC in the morning and then we had church. We had lunch at the other Elder's place and then had coordination. We did some studies and then tried by some people and tracted till supper. We had supper with the Kastendieck's and then tried by some more people in between waiting for the buses.
Well that was my week. It's transfers and nothing is happening with us. It's going to by Elder Wilson and I to the end.

Elder Colin O'Neill

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