Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Southgate Chapter 2

Well this week was very uneventful. I think it's going to be that way for a while.
We had p-day. We emailed, shopped and went to the church. We had supper with the Folston's. We then went and visited the Monteith's. They are a fun couple.
We did service at the Ronald McDonald house. We then went and had ZTM. Leaned a lot. We tried by some people and then had supper at the Byam's. We go there every Wednesday, so it's going to be fun. :) We then stopped by the Raaflaub's.
We were in the office all day. We then had nothing that night. Nothing really exciting at all.
We were in the office again. We then had supper with the McMullin's. We then had another lesson at the Raaflaub's.
We did weekly planning and then we tried some potentials and Less-actives. We had supper with the Raaflaub's and then we went and played soccer with Bro Lee. It was fun. Building a good relationship with him.
We had Ward Council. Well Elder Low and I shovel the church while ward council was going on. We then had church and coordination. We had supper at the AP's apartment. We then were going to to a pass-over lesson with the YSA elders, but it fell through. We were all going to the same place for supper so we went on a sort of split. It was a bit of a disaster, but it worked out. We then had supper at the Hardy's with a bunch of the YSA. We then visited with Monir. Then went to the Habings.
It was a decent week. The office is getting better learning what I'm supposed to do. Week's are pretty boring, but still having fun. :)
Love, Elder Colin O'Neill

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