Monday, November 25, 2013

Londonderry Chapter 5

Now you are up to date. It sounds like winter has hit Canada: 
From Elder O'Neill:
So this week was pretty interesting. Things might be slow, but we are still doing all that we can and having fun doing it.
I might be a little sketchy on details. I usually have my planner open doing this but I left it Castledowns car.

Well It was a pretty crazy day. We finished emailing and then wandered around the mall waiting for the Claireview elders. We ended up just leaving and walking way down the road to Walmart. We shopped got what we needed and walked back. We dropped off the stuff and went to the church. Everyone else was coming there for sports. We went and played a little basketball. We then went to supper with the Ewings. We walked back to the church for the scripture study class and got a call from Bro Bonnell. He came and picked us up to go help with a blessing to a member from Fort Mac that came down to Edmonton hospital. She was pregnant and had severe complications. She ended up having the baby at like 24 weeks. Super early. We went and some friends had come earlier and given a blessing to her and her daughter. We were able to talk with her. she and the baby are doing great. She was able to get up and start moving around that day. She might be able to be discharged pretty soon, but the baby has to stay for a while longer. It was super amazing to hear her situation and how the Lord is really helping in every step along the way.
Today was a long cold day. I think the temperature was about -28C in the middle of the day. We ended up trying by a lot of LA and formers up north. Later on we stopped by Bro Guinard. We talked to him a little bit and asked if we could practice the lessons with him and his wife. He was fine with it, but was going to check with her. He is great. Didn't really have a lesson with him, but still a great visit. We had supper at the Higgins. We were able to have a pretty good lesson with Trevor. The basis was trying to see what we could do to help him progress. He has been an eternigator for a few years. We were able to see what he needs and how we can help him find his answer. He gave us a ride to our next place. We went to stop by the Nixon's. They are a LA family that we had stopped by before. We had called earlier, but they didn't answer. We went in and simply asked if there would be some other time that we could come by and get to know them a little better. Sister Nixon very abruptly denied us. "No were really not interested." Well that was a bummer. Luckily Trevor waited outside for us and gave us a ride home.
Today I really don't remember what went on. Like nothing. Must have been pretty boring day. :)
Today was really a gong show. We had district meeting that morning. We left and went to the mall for District Lunch. I had my first Donair. It is really pretty good. They have some meat on big rotisseries. They slice it off and wrap it up in a pita with some veggies. We then wanted to grab some things and then went back to our apartment. We waited around there for a little while waiting for the other Elders. It was incredible. WE GOT OUR CAR BACK. We got the car and that's when the gong show started. We drove them up to there place to drop off some stuff. The were having a lesson with some investigators and the member they had fell through so we ended up going with them. We got out of the lesson kinda late. We were going to have supper with the Branco's but they had to go to a teachers training. So we drove the other elders to their supper. They went up and asked if we could join. The Christensen's were nice enough to let us. So we had supper with them. After that we were going to see Sister Hernandez again and we couldn't find anyone to go with. We drove them up to an appointment with another LA. We hung around in case it fell through and then they came with us. We had a great time at Sister Hernandez. We went over and made scripture boxes and decorated them with pictures from old ensigns and pamplets. Everything ended up working out. We just spent the whole day with them pretty much. It was fun.
We had weekly planning and then later on we went on exchanges with Castledowns 1. I knew it was going to be a crazy time. I was going on exchanges with Elder Shettell. I might have mentioned it before, but he is from AF. I went to High School with him. Ya now I'm going to be serving with him for a day. Insane. Everything went well. We had a lesson with a LA, Alex. We then had to stop at the church for a minute. We got a call from the other Castledowns elders. We went and picked them up and had A&W for supper. We went back to their place, ate and played poo. Sounds weird, but such a fun card game. We then went and stopped by some PM families. didn't get in with anyone.
Well we got up and had studies. We went and picked up Castledowns 2 again and went to get bread. We were waiting at the Stake center. We waited in the car for a while and then went inside. Soon enough about there were about 12 elders waiting for free bread and treats. Yep that's what we do. We got everything and then went to exchange back. We came back to our apartment and dropped everything off. We then went and had time. We were trying to figure out a supper for that night. We had called Sis Chemko and asked if she could feed us. She is LA, because she is on call 24/7 and often has to work. She said she would be able to feed us, but she pretty much lives alone. We called the other elders and finally got everything sorted out. We went down there for supper. It was really good visit. She lives in the basement. Her LA daughter lives upstairs with two non-member sons. We were able to talk to one of the sons who is potentially interested. (The other son is 4, not much conversation out of him). We then went and tried by some formers. We stopped by Dieter. We had had an appointment set up with him before, but he called and canceled. We stopped by and ended up having a really cool conversation with him. He is pretty anti-social and we were able to suggest some scriptures that he could read. We then went down and met with another former Robyn. He is a Figian man who is pretty religious. He goes to church at a number of churches, because he lives on 96 st where there are like 30 churches along that street. We can definitely go back sometime.
Well we went to Ward Correlation and then we went to Ward Council. We were really able to discuss how the ward and the auxiliaries are able to help us. After church we drove the other Elders home and then went to supper at Brimacombes. After supper our lesson with Steve (LA) fell through. We stopped by Stebners. He had to have surgery on his hip. Younger family. His hip was formed right. The ball and socket weren't fitting like they should and it wasn't much of a ball. We went to see how everything was going. We then went and stopped by another LA Genie. We had stopped by before and she wasn't home. This time she was and we had a really good conversation with her. Not sure why she is really LA. We then had a lesson with Francis and Liz. It went really well. Still not sure if they are going to go to YSA or not. Liz seemed up to it, but Francis didn't. Craziness.
Well that was my week. We are able to do a lot more with a car. It's just so nice.
Love you all,
Elder O'Neill

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