Monday, November 25, 2013

Londonderry Chapter 4

Here goes number two: 
So we have finally come to a normality in this area. The only bad part is that the normality is called slow. oh well.
So last tuesday we didn't do much for the rest of the day. We went shopping and just hung out at our apartment. We had supper at the Dorrey's and then we went to Bro Duckworth's with Sister Dorrey to teach him about indexing. He can't get out much, because of his health, so he thought that indexing could be a way to have some purpose in life. The only thing was that he doesn't know his username or password or membership number to sign on. We'll be able to get it next Sunday.
Well today was pretty usual. We really didn't get much done in the morning. CD2 picked us up for lunch. We went over to the Northgate mall and got our flu shots. They are free if you live in Alberta. We then went to the Food Court. They dropped us back off at our apartment and we went around and tried to find some more LA's in the area. It's good for figuring out the area too. It was pretty good. It also doesn't help when we read the wrong address. Elder Phillips read one of the addresses and we wnet to find it. Well the street where it was supposed to be on dead ended at a lake (more like a small pond). We thought then it would be on the other side of the lake. We walked around the other side and couldn't find it. We rechecked the address. Just read it wrong. We were just right about where we should have been. Pretty big detour, but we had nothing but time. We were going to go over the Higgins, but I guess there was a conflict of schedule so we couldn't. We ended up going to a 7-eleven and using a coupon for a free pizza. It was good for supper. After that we made our trek down to Vernon's again. We got there and talked to him a little bit...outside of his window. He told us that his life was looking up again and that he was taking some time and drawing some pictures that he is going to sell to some people. We asked if we could come in. "Oh no I'm busy. I've got to finish these pictures". Well we told him to call us when he has some free time. It isn't worth it for us to go down every other day to be turned away at the window.
Well we had district meeting and then district Lunch at the Londonderry Mall. We went back to our apartment and waited for Mission Hill 1. They are the French missionaires for the mission now. Elder Kalala and Elder Jennings. They picked us up and we went to a lesson with Queen and Beatrice. Well we went down there and Beatrice wasn't home. She is the one that speaks French. We had a lesson with Queen and towards the end Beatrice came home. We said a closing prayer and suddenly there was Beatrice. Elder Kalala went off in French with her. We are trying to pass them off to French, but looks so far like we are co-teaching. We came back and did time. I love the Mormon Messages. We then had to hurry and go to the Noberts' for supper. We were about 15 minutes late. Oh well. They are a great couple. They are both converts and are supper funny. We got a ride from Bro Nobert up to Sis Hernandez. We also had a great lesson with her. Got to know her and her family. Kinda a tough situation, but she is making the best of it. Next time we go over there we are going to make scripture boxes. It's going to be fun.

We had weekly planning and then tried by some more LA's. We were supposed to go to the Stewarts for supper, but Bro Stewart wasn't home, so we had to go pick it up. It was actually really good stew. We then went down and met with Joe. He is a RC. We had a good lesson with him and his dad who is LA stayed in the room for the lesson. It was amazing. We were teaching him about how to teach. Went really well. We rode the LRT back home. It was the first time in about a month that I've actually seen someone come around and check tickets. We also figured out what is stamped on the tickets. It is the time in a 24hour clock and the date. We couldn't ever tell before. Our tickets were like 10 minutes expired. We didn't really know and luckily they didn't really care. At least we had tickets.
Well the snow was starting to come down Friday night, but continued pretty much all day today. We in total probably got about 2 feet of snow. We were actually told to stay inside that morning. It was a lot of confusion. The wind was really bad and the snow was coming down pretty hard. We were told to stay in and then a little while later we were told to not drive, but go out and work. While we were still inside we saw some women trying to get in their car. They locked the keys inside and were trying to get the door open. They were on top of the car and slipping everywhere. We went out and helped them get in their car. Well we really didn't have anything to do, so we spent about 5 hours shovelling sidewalks for some LA's and other people. We were able to talk to quite a few people. Being a missionary is really weird sometimes. We aren't allowed to take money from people. Well doing service all day and people are gracious to try and offer and you have to decline is just strange. We could have gotten about $50. They were persistent, but we are even more. We had supper at the Johnston's and then went and met with the Senuk's. We didn't know them very well. It ended up being a lot of interacting with the kids and trying to keep the kids focused that being able to get to know the parents. We'll try some other time.
Today was really good. We had correlation in the morning. We went to stop by Alosious, but he was doing chores and really couldn't meet then. We said we would be back later that night. We went and grabbed a little bit of lunch and then went to Church. There were some really good lessons and talks given. I love being able to go and learn instead of teach. It was also pot-luck afterwards. It was great to be able to get to know some of the member a little better. The food was also really good. one of the Calvert girls is really funny. She has her favorite missionaries in the ward. Elder Ladd is #1, mostly because he is mexican, I'm #2, Elder Phillips is #3 and Elder Kinghorn is #4. Don't know why it is that way, but it is. We hung around and helped clean up. We then went to go to Alosious' again and he went out with his sister. We can never meet with him. Ugh. We then tried to meet with Aylissa (LA), but she wasn't home. We got a call from Bro Duckworth seeing if we had gotten his membership record number, which we did, and told him that we would be down in a little bit. We went and helped him figure out his account and then went back to met the Tanner's at our apartment. We usually drop off our laundry at their house, but there is no way that we could today with all of the snow that we got and us walking, so they came to pick it up.
Well that was my week. Pretty slow as usual, but that's missionary life.
Well love you all,
Elder O'Neill

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