Monday, November 4, 2013

Londonderry Chapter 2

Hey there :)
So let me start off by saying that I'm feeling much better. My legs are getting used to biking and walking around everywhere. I learned also how much just raising the bike seat can help. I guess I had it way too low for me and that was where most of the pain was coming from. So let me tell you about my week.
Well Monday was P-day. After we were done emailing we looked around in the mall with some of the missionaries in Claireview 2. They wanted to look for some things. I ended up finding a bag that can be either an approved sidebag or it can be a backpack which is much easier on a bike. I used up some of my leftover US cash. We then went and shopped around. We went to Walmart to get some groceries, but it was very little. We didn't have much room on our bikes. We then went and played a little basketball at the church. It wasn't much of a game. Clairview is on bikes as well and 3/4 of us were too sore to do much. We went to supper at the Johnstons. They are a cool family. They used to live in PG. probably right around where Patrick and Steph used to live just south of the Hospital. They were pretty fun. Our other appointment fell through.

Tuesday is when I raised the bike seat and things were going much better. We went to meet with a LA girl that we were finally able to set up an appointment with. We got there had a member meet us and she wasn't there. Kinda crappy. We then went and helped another LA Bro Duckworth. We went down to the southern part of our area and then went tracting. There wasn't much success. We met with Shanon. It was a pretty scattered lesson. Not much desire there. We then came back and had supper. We waited around for a while because we were supposed to go on exchanges with Castledowns 1, but they were running late and it wasn't going to work out. So we did a lot of stop-bys.
We went and helped this guy Dave rake leaves. It is a weekly service thing. We help him rake his and his neighbors leaves. It is quite a project really. There are tall elm trees all down the street with a lot of leaves. There were about 8 of us helping him. (us, Londonderry 1, Kingsway 2, and Spanish North). He then took us to Tim Hortons for Hot Chocolate and Doughnuts. Later we had supper at the Fixsens. They are a nice couple. She is really involved with helping a lot of LA.
Well we had district Meeting and then we went to the Londonderry Mall for lunch. Most of us don't have a car so it is really close to the church and really close to our apartment which is nice. Oh and Yes Mom. Halloween exists in Canada. It was fun to see everyone dress up and walking through the mall. Little kids are the best. We then went and did some shopping. We need to get some stuff to fix the bikes up. We found a bike repair place and finally got in. We also bought some tools and helmets that we hadn't gotten yet. We later went to the Dorey's for supper. I know I didn't really say much about last week, but we were there last Thursday too. They have us over for dinner along with their LA daugther and her Fiance' Jeff. Jeff really wants to learn more about our church. He said "I'm marrying into the family, and this is such a big part that I want to learn more." He was very up front with us that he doesn't want to join, just learn more about what the family believes. It's going to be slow, but good. We were supposed to be in our apartment by 6 unless we had a specific appointment. Well we did so we finally got in about 8:00. We ended up playing UNO for a little while.
Well we had weekly planning and then we waited around for Castledowns 1 for exchanges. I went to Castledowns with Elder Cook. He was cool. He is from Bear Lake. We were with the other Castledowns Elders for quite a while too. We went and raked one families leaves, they weren't home so we did our best. We then went to go rake this older ladies leaves and we helped this lady that was raking the neighbors leaves. We helped her out a lot. We went to leave and she tried to give us 20 bucks. She was pretty persistent and tried to give it to each one of us. We were just more persistent in refusing. We then went back to their apartment and changed. We then went to supper with this member. He was strange. It was kinda a make your own pita with the random stuff that he had cooked. It was pretty good, but interesting. Not much else exciting happened that night.
Well in the morning the bread truck came. Some members pick up the old bread that the safeway is going to throughout. Nothing is wrong, just been on the shelf. So the missionaries and some other people get free bread. We loaded up the car with what we needed and some for LA. We then went and rode the bus to Alex's. It was cool to visit him. He shares a message with us and we share a message with him. We then did a little tracting while we waited for the bus. We then went back had lunch and then CD2 picked us up to take us back to LD. We got back and we went down to try some people. We were pretty much riding around in the storm. It was little ice crystals coming down. Not too much fun. but we made it through.
Well We had corelation in the morning and then we went to walk back to apartment. We were almost there and Elder Phillips left the keys in his coat at the church. We just kept going to Alyssa and then just walked back to the church. We had church. We then went to the Laubman's for supper. We went to Bro Duckworth to catch him up on church and then went to meet with another investigator Francis. He is super solid. It was a really good night.

Well that was my week.
Things are going much better. Still no car and there is now snow. Not the best, but I can make do.
Love ya
Elder O'Neill

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