Monday, October 28, 2013

Londonderry-Chapter 1

Wow this past week has been a tough week. I have honestly had a hard time adjusting to this new situation. I agree with Bro Harris. The first transfer is the hardest. It was really hard to leave Innisfail. I had a hard time saying goodbye.
Well it has been an interesting overall week.
Well I told you mostly about monday. We had transfer calls. We then went and emailed. We went shopping and I really didn't need to buy much. We went back to the apartment for a little while and I started packing. Packing wasn't actually that bad.  We went and played basketball with some of the youth again. We had a good time. We then had to hurry back to shower, change and then go out to the Robertson's. It was a really cool experience out there. one of there daughters is LA and we were able to answer a lot of her questions and concerns. She had some concerns about eternal families. We told her that if she prayed and read her scriptures and came to church the next week that she would be able to find her answer and know for herself the importance of eternal families. The Spirit was really strong. We then drove back and stopped by the Mower's. We stopped by to say goodbye and we had some things to talk with Bishop Mower about. We were talking downstairs at his Japanese heated table. It is the coolest thing. It is a low table  that sits on this rug, it has a blanket that comes out just underneath the edge of the table. underneath the table is a heater that heats up the space underneath the blanket. It was soo warm and comfortable. We went back and we were about to do some planning when there was a knock on our door. It was the Georges'. They were dropping off some left over Turkey soup. I was able to say goodbye to them.
Well today we were running around saying goodbye to some more people. We got a call that morning and Bro Ellis wanted to make breakfast for us. We went over and then I said goodbye. It was probably the hardest goodbye I had to say. It was like leaving home again. Later we went up to Penhold and help Lori out some more. We ended up crawling underneath her trailer to try and put some supports in place so that the wood stove would be  stable. Well we crawled from the only opening available until we hit a wall. We pushed out the side of the trailer  to be able to see better and found out that we weren't there yet. Well we went to the other side of the trailer and pulled out a wall. Well then there was a wasp's nest built into the insulation. Elder Sorensen had gloves on and pulled it out and then we Raid-ed the rest. Well we really didn't want to crawl under there anymore, but we peeked under and found a giant stump already holding up where we needed it.
"Oh the guy that lived here before had a wood stove there."
"How big was it?"
"Bigger than mine"
It was not a fun conversation. Well with that done, we went and grouted her tile. Oh the things you learn how to do on your mission. Well then we drove back and Sister Kinder was going to meet us at a park so the kids could say goodbye. Met them at a park by the local pool. It was a good thing that the windows were closed, Elder Sorensen would have been dying. (He was a swimmer did I mention that). We went over and said goodbye. Then went back to change. We changed and went over to the Blanchards. We then went back and picked everything up. I got to say goodbye to the Georges one last time. Bro George was just getting home and they helped load everything into the car. We then went to say goodbye to Bro. Burns but he wasn't home. We then stopped by the Woodruff's and M&B Ellingson. We then had dinner at Sharon's. It was a great dinner. We were able to share a little message with them and I bore my testimony. The lesson didn't go really how we would have liked, but Elder Sorensen is going to start teaching her again one day. We then drove up to Edmonton. We got out of Sharon's late so I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the Christensen's and Joseph's like we were planning. I called them as we left town and said goodbye. It was hard. I still miss Innisfail and the wonderful people there.
Well we had transfer meeting. We had to be there early, because Elder Sorensen had to go to the trainer's meeting. His new companion is Elder Nemeth. He is from England. He seems really great. Well my new companion is Elder Phillips. Thought I told you that last week. He is a great missionary. He has been out for 3 months. Have I told you about missionary posterity? Well your trainer is you dad and his trainer is your grandpa and then there are brothers and sons and nephews and uncles. Well Elder Phillips is my nephew. He was trained by Elder Crow who was trained by Elder Marsh. Getting it?? Well anyways Elder Phillips has had a rough couple of weeks. Elder Crow had some depression and went home. He was with with another missionary in the next area over and they were covering both areas until transfers. He is great. Well we had transfer meeting and it was great. Then the adventure began. I thought it was a little unfair. So they were shuffling a lot of cars around because they were trying to get the Subaru's which have four wheel drive out to the outlying areas and leave the Chevy's Cruzes in the city. Well we lost our car. We are in a car share with the other Londonderry Elders. The bad part of it is that they are the Zone Leaders. So we don't really have a car. Well we called them and they came down to pick us up. They dropped us off and then the adventure began.
Well the next couple of days were just about all the same. We had to walk everywhere until we got bikes. It got cold. It snowed yesterday. My legs are in constant pain. All of our lessons with our investigators have fallen through. It hasn't been too much excitement or fun.

Well that was my week. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's hard.
Love you all
Elder O'Neill

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