Monday, October 7, 2013

Innisfail Chapter 16

4 Months! Where has the time gone!
This week was a lot of fun. I don't know what really made it such a great week, but I really enjoyed it.
Well Tuesday was interesting. We had a rough morning. I wasn't feeling all to well. Something went wrong with my stomach. I'm perfectly fine now, but it was a rough day. Well I don't have much else to say about it. We held basketball at the church for anyone who wanted to come and it went really well. We were told that we could play just we had to be in pros. I didn't want to get physical with an upset stomach, but Elder Sorensen did. It was a good time. We had an appointment that night so we only played for an hour. It worked out much better than before.
Well today we had a District meeting and District lunch. It was a lot of fun. Elder George and Elder T were going on exchanges with the ZL's, Elder Knaphus and Elder Dutson, so we had a district meeting with everyone (us, Innisfail 2, Rocky and RD2). 4/5 of the Innisfail Elders were there we were just missing Elder Marsh and we would have had all of the Elders that have served in Innisfail this past year. I have probably told you before, but Innisfail used to have sisters. Elder Knaphus and Elder George were the first Elders here in the last 4 years. Elder Marsh was with Elder George for one transfer and then I came. and the rest is history. It was a really good District meeting. We then had a pancake district lunch. We had a bag of mix at our apartment. The sisters brought some hot chocolate and juice. Rocky brought some syrup and Elder T made some egg sandwiches (stayed away from those). The ZL's brought some strawberries. It was super fun. Later that night we had dinner over at Bro Day's. It was pretty cool since he is the Ward Mission Leader, both the sisters and us were there. It was good to be able to talk with everyone in just a casual setting. We then had correlation.
Thursday was a lot of fun. Most of our plans went out the window. We had interviews with President Manion today. We have interviews right before conference. Well our interviews were supposed to be at 12:20. Well according to the schedule, each missionary was only going to have about 10 minutes with President Manion. Well that was never going to happen. We ended up leaving about 2 hours later. We didn't end up getting back down to Innisfail until around 3:30. Well we ran around and tried to see some people. The ward was having a Food Storage night. We went to that and it was really good. They had a "Thanksgiving Dinner". Well it was a "Thanksgiving Dinner" if you are in dire circumstances and are using what's in food storage. It was just rice and beans with various toppings. It wasn't too bad, just not what we were expecting. It was a really well attended event. We even got Lori our investigator to come. She didn't exactly like some of the food, but got super involved in some of the wheat and rice bagging. It was really good.
Well Friday was really cool. We had our weekly planning, which I'm pretty sure will never take just two hours. There is so much to go over and think about that it just can't be done in two hours. So all of our plans got pushed back a little while. The Christensen's were going to have us over for dinner, but they were working on their new house so told us to meet them at the Penhold Family Restaurant. We have driven past that place many times and have been scared to try it. There sign says
Penhold Family Restaurant
It never really looked to good to us. Well the Christensen's were going to take us to we went anyways. It actually was a great place. The food was really good. I had Shrimp Alfredo and I loved it. We decided they really need to redo the sign and Exterior to make it look more inviting. We then went and talked with Bro Young and had a really good conversation with him.
General Conference was so amazing. I don't know whether if it is the fact that I'm on my mission, but I loved it so much. It really seemed to be such a different conference than ever before. I had one of my little leather notebooks and I took 19 pages of notes total. It was amazing. Watch it if you haven't and rewatch it if you have. SO AMAZING! It was kind of nice trying to plan out the day because every two hours we had general conference. We tried by some people in between the first two and then tried a couple more after the afternoon session. We had dinner with the Georges and then went to Priesthood. Afterwards the ward had Ice Cream. It is super cool to be in a small close ward.
Well yesterday was great too. More conference to learn from. Inbetween the sessions we went with Bishop Mower and went to visit some LA's. It was a good time. We got to do some missionary work with the Bishop. After conference we were back to normal missionary work. We tried by some people. We then had dinner at the Wells. It was a good Sunday dinner. Chicken, potatoes, stuffing, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower. It was good. Sister Wells was also baking some bread and sent us home with a loaf of bread that came right out of the oven. The ward is so great to us.
Well so far today we went over to the Ellis' to do laundry. We had our studies over there and then played a little pool with Bro Ellis. I won to games in a row. I found out that I play pool left handed. Thanks Dad for splitting my hands on different things. It was fun.
Thank you for all the love and support.
Love you all,
Elder O'Neill
P.S. Did I tell you that I bought a Pineapple last week. It cut it up and it was super good.
PPS That is Elder Sorensen's hand
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