Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Innisfail Chapter 15

Hey there everyone,
First off I want to say sorry for not being able to email yesterday. We ended up having to do some service for a LA in Penhold. She is moving from Penhold to somewhere in the Stettler area. It was kinda weird. She is so LA she wasn't on the records, but after yesterday we figured that she called us because of a member in RD2. We went up to RD afterwards to go do some shopping. So we had no time to email yesterday.
This week has been pretty good. We are really able to see the success of the PMG member lessons.
We had P-day. We ended up just playing around at the church. We had a fun time. We took a new take on basketball practice. Elder Sorensen went back and forth trying to make basketballs, while I was running around trying to hit the ball out of the air with a volleyball. It was pretty fun. We then had dinner with the Georges' (our across the hall neighbors). We then went to the Byam's and Ellingson's to continue on the member lessons.
Today was interesting. We had a pretty slow day. We went out and helped at the Food Bank again. It's good for us to get out in the community and help. We had dinner at M&B Ellingson's. They are such fun people. We then finally had a pass-over lesson with Charlie and Lee with the sisters. It was good that they finally got to meet them and now I don't have to worry about that anymore. We then had to bust down to the Church for Basketball. There was a tradition of Tuesday night basketball with Elder George and Marsh, but it stopped during the summer. So we started it back up. It was kinda a waste of time. It is supposed to be a good way to find potentials. We were there to 'supervise' but we just sat on the sidelines the whole time. We thought about some more beneficial ways to go about it next week. Elder George also told us that we can play, but in Pros.
Today was a pretty good day. We were able to meet with Ron (LA) again today. He is the one that lives in a retirement home. We walked down to his room to find him and he was in the room next door, working on a puzzle. We sat there and talked with him for a little while. We couldn't help it. We ended up helping him finish the puzzle. It was a bummer though. It was missing one piece. AHHH. We were able to have a really good visit with him. Later we were able to have a lesson with Nathan (RC). We talked about the priesthood with him. He is ready for it, just has been gone and not going to church. It was a good lesson with him. Coincidentally we also had dinner with the Joseph's. So we were in the house for about 2 1/2 hours. It was good and fun. I may have told you, but they have 2 year old twins. It's like having two Williams running around. Super fun. We then had correlation meeting and were able to talk about things that will really help.
Today was interesting. Nothing really happened until that night. We had dinner at the O'Connell's. I was surprised to actually go to their house for dinner. They usually pick us up and have something else planned that they take us along with. It was cool to be at their house. We then waited around until Bro Woodruff and Bro Day showed up so we could go on splits. SPLITS!!! We were finally able to work it out for once. I went with Bro Woodruff and went Home Teaching with him. His regular companion was busy to go. We went to Cindy's and the Christensen's. It was a lot of fun. Elder Sorensen went with Bro Day to the Wolfes to teach Lori. Apparently it wasn't a good lesson. We usually go over to the Wolfes at about 7:00 and then Lori comes at 7:30. Well about 7:20 Lori texted and said that she probably wasn't going to make it. She said she had a rough day. At about 7:50 she finally showed up. The lesson was more like a therapy session and she was just asking a bunch of questions. It wasn't really helping her to progress, but she still wants to meet which is good. She recognizes there is a better feeling when she is at the Wolfe's, but doesn't quite recognize what it is.
Today was a fun day. We have been doing super well on klicks this month so we decided to go out to Markerville today. It is a little bit east of Penhold. There really isn't much out there, but Elder Sorensen had heard a little bit about it so we went out and did some tracting. Not much success. We only had 1 QGC, but it was a solid QGC. It was a ton of fun to go somewhere new.
Today was a lot of work. We went out in the morning to help D&L Ellis with their roof. They were re-shingling their roof and it didn't sound like they were going to get much help. We went out and there was a pretty good turn out. We helped for a while and then we drove up to Penhold to help Lori get her yard ready for winter. We drove up there and found out that she wasn't there and was at her boyfriends house with a headache. We just went back and help re-shingle some more. We stopped at about 3:00. We were supposed to have a lesson with Rob, but when we got there he wasn't feeling good. The rest of the night was just trying potentials and tracting.
Today was church and I really enjoyed it. We had a combined Preisthood/RS lesson about family history work. I really enjoyed it. It was a couple of videos talking about different aspects of it. One part that stuck out to me was the number of names possible to find. They talked about going back and having a 10 generation pedigree chart and how many names that is. They also talked about if you take one of those 10th gen ancestors and find a brother or sister and come down the line from there. how many people on average you could find from that line. Then times it by the number of 10th generation ancestors that you could do it with. It came out to be about oh 419,000 names or so. It was an eye opener. I wish I could just spend some time and do more. I guess if I have extra time on my p-days I can. We then had some really good member lessons that night.
Like I said earlier we helped some LA move and then went up to Red Deer to shop. I'm just going to warn you now, nothing is cheap. Good news is that the US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar so it was cheaper in US than I thought. We were able to get some good stuff that should last for a long time. We then went and played basketball at Bower with some of the zone. At the end of the night we went over to the Ellis. We have started to do laundry there. We had to leave with our colors in the dryer so we went to pick them up. When we got there the Millers and Mower's were also there. They were having a FHE lesson on The Savior's Earthly Ministry and Atonement from Preach My Gospel. We have started the PMG member lesson with the Ellis' and Millers', but not quite with the Mowers'. It was really cool to see that the members are really getting involved.
Well that was this week's summary.
I love hearing about what's happening at home.
Love ya,
Elder O'Neill

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