Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Innisfail Chapter 14

Hey there again. This week was pretty busy and we did a lot of tracting.
Monday was pretty fun. First thing was that we had to meet up with the RD1 because through the craziness of transfers we left some stuff behind. We then came back went shopping. Did the usual. We went to the church and played around there. We also walked over to a park and took some fun pictures. We had dinner at the Smith's. We didn't really have any set plans after that so we went around trying to find some LA's. A lot of people have either moved or we don't have an address and their phone number is 'not assigned'. It can be pretty tough.
Today we had a lot of plans that didn't ever go through. We ended up spending a lot of time just tracting out a street. We were able to talk to quite a few people. We had supper on own own that night and guess what I made. Pizza cups. I decided last week that our apartment needed some things and so I got a muffin pan and the things for pizza cups. They were great as usual. We then went up to Penhold and were able to meet with the Collissons. They are a LA couple. He is a trucker and isn't home all that often. He just happened to be home that night which was great. We had a great visit with them and hope to go back sometime this upcoming week.
Well we had exchanges today with Rocky. I was with Elder George in Innisfail. It was pretty crazy. He was the missionary I replaced when I first came to Innisfail. He went up to Edmonton for a little while and now is in Rocky as the DL of his first area. CRAZY. It was cool because we both knew the area and so he had some potentials or formers that he wanted to try and spark something new and I already knew where. It was good to be on exchanges with him. He was able to tell me a lot of things that we could start focusing on in our specific area. It was also good to be able to get to know him. We kinda knew each other, because Elder Marsh and Elder Knaphus both served with him and so for transfer meetings and mission tour they would talk to him. Going on exchanges with him was good because we got to fill in the missing connection and really get to know each other a little bit better. Like I said we stopped by some formers and other people that he knew and tried to spark some interest again.
Thursday was crazy. We pretty much had the whole day planned out already which really helped. We went and saw Bro McLeod and Bro Burns in the morning. We were going to have a district lunch, but the Ellis' invited us over for lunch. It wasn't my call. We did have district meeting and were able to get to know each other a little better. Elder George also gave a really cool training on finding. He gave us some really great advice on how to improve our approach. Later that night we had a lesson with Lori. We weren't able to have it at the Wolfes', but the sisters came with us and it was an amazing lesson. We were able to help her resolve a lot of her concerns. We had talked about baptism before and reinvited her to be baptized. She accepted and we set the date for January 3 (her birthday). It was really amazing. It was a really good day.
Well today was a lot of tracting again. We had weekly planning. We went and helped Bro Kinder stack the wood that he split. The wood splitter machine was really cool. It was a hydraulic machine that had a wedge that would push against the log and cleave it down the middle. It was impressive to watch. We helped him for a little while, then went and did some more planning. We ended up also going to the Kinders for dinner that night. Their kids are crazy as always. I love it. We then went tracting for a while. And then went to introduce the PMG lesson to another Ellingson Family.
Today was ok. We didn't have to much planned other than tracting. We were able to meet with Rob and find out a lot of his concerns. We are really able to get somewhere with some people now. We tracted around some more and had dinner. We went up to Penhold and meet with Bro Young. We had a good time talking to him. We then went tracting a little more. It was a little cold and there was a breeze. It's 8:00 at night and people are slamming doors in our faces. We often wonder if people think that we actually enjoy doing this? We drove back to Innisfail and still had some time. So we decided to do some phone tracting. There are a lot of people in the phone that we don't know who they are. So we decided to call them. It was pretty interesting. One lady we called. She answered and asked who it was.
"It's the missionaires. We had your number and wanted to know if you were interested in learning more?"
"Oh sure, I'm in Grand Prairie, but will be back down in Innisfail in a couple of weeks and would love to meet with you again."
It was quite a shock. Another lady we called told us that the sisters had run into her earlier that day. It was pretty cool.
Today at church as a little crazy. We had ward council and discussed a lot of things. We then had to help Sister Mower pick up Bro Votary for church. We brought him in and then went and held the doors while waiting for Lori to come. She never did at it probably was a good thing. Tell about it in a minute. It was the 4th sunday so we were asked to bless the sacrament. Well in the middle of the sacrament you could hear a beeping. It was Bro Votary's oxygen. Some people in the ward were trying to help him. Well I was focused on what was going on over there trying to make sure he was ok, that I missed that the deacons were done passing. I caught a glimpse of a wave and caught on. It was also the primary program. That is why it was probably good that Lori didn't come. She was complaining last week about the reverence. She would have gone crazy with the primary program. Everything else was pretty good. We had a lot of lessons set up and we only really had a little bit of time that we had to fill, but did it pretty easy.
Today is pretty good so far. We started doing our laundry at the Kinders. They just live down the street and were happy to offer. We went and started our laundry. We tried to start our studies but really weren't able until Bro Kinder took all the kids for school. And now I'm at the Library emailing.
Hope everything is going well at home. Sounds like it is.
Love ya,
Elder O'Neill

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