Monday, September 16, 2013

Innisfail Chapter 13

Well this week has been pure craziness. I mean I'm really glad I learned how to deal with my frustration when I was with Elder Marsh and was able to keep calm throughout the week.
Well like I mentioned last week, Elder Marsh is no longer my companion. He was called to be an AP. That is one thing about President Manion that is weird, he is totally random. It was usually, that someone would be a District Leader, then a Zone Leader, then might become an Assistant. Well this last transfer President Manion destroyed any speculation. Elder Marsh went from DL to AP. Elder McFall who was in Rocky, went from normal missionary to ZL. It was crazy to hear the changes. So now, no one can be sure of where they might go. 
I really do miss Elder Marsh. I totally understand what everyone says. 'When your with your trainer you hate them. When they're gone you love them.' There were many times that I was very frustrated with Elder Marsh and I just couldn't handle it. We were always getting pretty chippy with each other. I knew that the things he made me do would help me, but at the time I just couldn't handle it. Now that he is gone I really do miss him. I am really able to see how much he really did help out.
Well now my new companion is Elder Sorensen. It really is crazy that we are companions. We were in the same MTC zone and came out together. He was also in Red Deer 1st ward which covers the southern part of Red Deer. guess which area it touches....Innisfail. He moved just south of where he used to be. Really pretty crazy. We already get along really well. We have many jokes and are very open with each other. We are going to enjoy the next little while. He is also learning the area pretty fast.
We also have sisters in the area so we had a lot of things this week that we have had to work out. There is Sister Coull and Sister Tanner. Sister Coull is from Scotland and Sister Tanner is from Huntsville, UT. Sister Coull has been out for 6 months and Sister Tanner has been out for about 6 days. Innisfail really likes to train. It has been crazy the last week trying to get everything sorted out between us, but we were finally able to go through the whole ward directory and be able to know who is in whos area. We have a geographical split for members and proselyting. Investigators and specific LA's are pretty much decided on gender and who would be the best to teach them. It is a split area but with a lot of overlap.
Well I've decided for at least this week I'm not going to do the daily recap, mostly because I don't have any clue what was going on. Also a lot of my week was spent in Red Deer and what we did up there I was just following along. We also had a lot of meetings with the Sisters to get everything worked out. There really isn't much to really talk about.
But I can talk about Lori. I don't think I have told you about her. She was a potential investigator of Elder Knaphus and Elder George when they were in Innisfail. There was no address listed until I went on exchanges with Elder Knaphus and he told me where she was. Elder Marsh and I stopped by and got to know her a little bit. It was on September 1 when we stopped by again. We were going to see if we could set up a time to meet with her and ended up briefly teaching her lesson 1 on her porch. We talked to the Wolfes afterwards and started teaching her there. We had a lesson with her on the 5th where we retaught lesson one clarifying any points. We then went back last thursday the 12th. We taught her about having faith. She came to church yesterday and stayed for Pot-luck. She was at church for about 4 and 1/2 hours and actually enjoyed it. A lot of the members went up to her and introduced themselves. She was really able to get to know some of them. She is great and we really have a great thing going on with her. She is so open and receptive. We just have to keep going.
Well hopefully I will be able to resume normality soon and will be able to write a daily run through again.
Love you all and love hearing from you,
Elder O'Neill

Pic 1- Elder Marsh and I at the Darby's. We had found out he was leaving about an hour before that and had dinner at the Darby's. They wanted pictures with us, before we left and they took a picture of Elder Marsh and I.
Pic 2-The picture of the cake. We were tracting down a street last night and I told Elder Sorensen we can't go too far or we will run into the Hallman's (members). He wanted to go and introduce himself. We went down and said hi. Sister Hallman was about to go see if the neighbors were home to give them this chocolate cake. Bro Hallman just asked if we wanted it. I wasn't going to say no, so we now have a chocolate cake. It's really good too.

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