Monday, October 21, 2013

Innisfail Chapter 18...Final Chapter

Innisfail Chapter 18...Final Chapter

Colin O'Neill

Today at 12:27 PM
Well this morning was a rough morning.
It was transfer calls and I'm being transferred. I am going to be serving in Londonderry. I am really sad to leave Innisfail, but I know that I am supposed to go up there now. It's going to be a new experience.
I did have a cool experience last night regarding transfers. I just had a feeling that I was. I was praying to really find out and I had a confirmation that I was. I really didn't want to, but I am.

Well let me tell you about this past week. I can tell you right now that I'm not going to be able to tell you much of what went on and it might be a little scattered. I'm still in a bit of shock from the call.
I guess I already told you about Monday.

Well we went and emailed on Tuesday. Then we went to see Bro. Burns. We were able to meet with Rob and really have a good lesson with him. He is also changing. He really has a desire to meet with us more. We had supper with the Hallman's and then did the PMG lesson with the Mower's. They are great and it is super fun to see how different people are learning. Oh I forgot the crazy experience that we had with Laurenne. We were calling her to see if we could still go see her tomorrow, and we couldn't. Apparently the night before she was walking home and was hit by a truck. Ya crazy right. She is doing alright though. She broke her wrist and her foot, but everything else is fine. Crazy things happen.
Well we went and meet with Bro Crawford. We are able to meet with him again. We can't go over when his son is in town. His son works in Madagascar for about a month at a time. He went back to work, so we went to meet with him. We then went to meet with Fred. It was a mutual drop. We won't be really seeing him anymore. We knew it would come out, but we just have too much of conflicting opinions. It was good that is was mutual. We then went over and started the PMG lesson with the older Ellingson's. They are really great. (talking about who we have visited is really tough. I'm really going to miss this area.) We really didn't have too much else happen. We had supper with the Byam's and we got to see their new son again. Little babies are so cute.
Well today we had ZTM. Well we went out in the morning and went tracting. Not too many people were home or interested. It wasn't super cold. It was only like 5C, but the winds were ridiculous. We were only cold because of the 40-50 winds. We were on the Blanchard's street and we went and got to talk with Bro Blanchard a little bit. We then headed off for ZTM. It was really good and I learned a lot. We talked about some unique finding ideas. I might take some up to my new area. We then had supper with Melanson's. We went up to Springbrook and were trying by some potentials. We knocked on one door and we had talked to the wife Carry, but the husband Marty answered. He thought it was the neighbor that he was going to go help move a deep freeze. (ya another deep freeze). We ended up talking to him in the driveway for a little while. The neighbor texted and said it would be later so he went back inside. They are definitely still potentials. Well we were walking back to our car that was around the corner and the 3rd ward sisters drove up. They were lost and didn't know if they were still in their area. They were far from. They told us that they had just stopped by Marty, because he was on a potential form of theirs. Well Marty is definitely prepared if two sets of missionaries were sent to talk to him. It was great. We then had a small lesson with Lori. She went to the RS activity and we were talking to her afterwards. She was on overload and the lesson didn't really go too well.
Well pretty much all of our plans that we had set fell through. We pretty much just spent the day doing some tracting. We had supper with the Clark's. Later that night we went to stop by a family that we didn't know all that well, Beckers. We knocked on the door and no one answered. we were just about to our car when someone came to the door. Bro Becker, NM, answered and we went in and talked with them for a little while. I have seen her at church, but didn't ever really put a name to a face. It was a good visit. We then went and talked with Bro George. He is a fun guy. He told me that Big Bang has started up again. How is it?
Well I was exhausted. We got up and helped the Kirkpatrick's move. Then we went down the street to help Lori lay some tile with Bro Ellis. We didn't have much else happen. We went and stopped by a bunch of people, but nothing worked out. We went over to M&B Ellingson's and continued the PMG lesson. They have finally finished L1.
Yesterday was a really good day. It was ward conference so we had ward council with the stake. It was good and we talked a lot about how to help the ward become a more Zion people. Well Lori and her son Devin came to church as well. It was really good. She is really coming along. She is so willing to learn. Her son enjoyed it and said that he wants to come back again. It was great for them, they are really getting involved with the ward. We also had Pot-luck again. So much food. Afterwards we went out to do some visits with Bishop Mower. We were able to catch the Coopers and we know how we can help them now. They are going to be reactivated really quickly. The ward has got it covered. We then went back and had "dinner". Elder Sorensen didn't have much and I was still full from earlier. We tracted some more and then went to see Bro Votary. He is a great man. He hasn't been feeling good for a little while. Elder Sorensen asked if he wanted a blessing. It was really good for him. We then went and saw the Woodruff's. We started lesson 2 with them. They are so much fun.

Well that was my past week. Now I get to pack up and go to a new area on Wednesday. These next couple of day's are going to be a lot of goodbyes. I guess I'm ready for the change.
Love ya all
Elder O'Neill

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