Monday, November 25, 2013

Londonderry Chapter 3

Sorry folks I forgot to post the last couple. So you will be getting three posts today. Silly or crazy Missionary Mom!!! Now from Colin!
So I've realized something as I'm starting to write this email...not much is going on. We have had a lot of appointments that fall through and we spend most of our time walking around. Just keep that in mind as I tell you about my week.
Second, Yesterday was Remembrance day so that is partly why I wasn't able to email home and our P-day changed to Tuesday for this week for reasons I'll tell you later.
Well last Monday we had P-day. That was fun-ish. We ended up catching a ride to the stake center with Spanish. Well in the Stake center they have a closet with different sports stuff. Well half of the gym they were playing Basketball. The other half they were playing floor hockey. So I was playing floor hockey, because it is much more interesting than basketball. So we were playing and I was constantly going against Elder Simms. He is about 6' 4" and 320 lbs. Big dude. Well he is a competitive guy. Well went to go after the puck and totally smashed my thumb. It wasn't much fun, but I did ok. I didn't break it or anything, but there is still some bruising under the nail. Welcome to Hockey. Later on we went to the Calkins and had supper. Bro Calkins drove us to the church for a Scripture Study class that we are trying to start with our investigators and anyone else who might be interested. So far it's not a big turn out.
Well today was an interesting day. We went to Bro Duckworth's house, because he had called us and said he knew some people that were interested in his church. They wanted to change their life around and knew how happy he was with his church. So we went and started to teach them. Dwayne and Gailene. They are a really cool couple. They have had a really rough past but really want to change and get their life in order. We haven't been able to talk with them much, but they are also moving into Castledowns area so we won't be teaching them for much longer. We didn't do much the rest of the day. Stopped by LA's. We had a meeting with Bishop Greep that night and it was really an eye opener. Things aren't going as well as we had thought.
Well today we had ZTM. It was really different, because we see our whole zone pretty frequently. Our whole zone is Castledowns 1&2, Londonderry 1&2, Claireview 1&2, St. Paul, and Ft. McMurray 1&2. Well we usually video conference Ft Mac into ZTM, but before I got here someone broke in and stole the tv. so they weren't there. Everyone else was and the only people that I didn't know already were St. Paul. It is also very different than from RD. There are no sisters in our zone. We are the only zone in the mission without sisters. It is really pretty strange. Well at least to me. We didn't do much the rest of the night. We stopped by some members that we didn't know very well and that was about it.
Well today the only appointment we had was supper with the Anderson's. We did a lot of street contacting, LA's, and tracting. A lot of walking. We were supposed to have a lesson with Jeff, but they cancelled.
Well today was the really bummer day. We had 5 lessons planned and didn't get a single one. We were supposed to meet with Dwayne and Gailene this morning, but he was called into work. So that didn't happen. We were going to have a lesson with Queen. She is one of our investigators and I have never met her. We were going to have a lesson with the French missionaries with her. Her mom Beatrice is also interested, but only understands a little English. We thought it would be good for the French missionaries to teach them. Well 30 minutes before She called and had to cancel. We went to supper at the Tanner's and we had prepared a lesson, but the other missionaries shared a lesson with them. It was in their area, but still. We got out of supper way late so we had to cancel our lesson with Vernon. We went to go to Trevor's and they weren't home. Didn't really get much accomplished.
We again didn't do much. We were supposed to have a lesson with Shanon at 12. Bro Skinner was going to come with us. He lives in an apartment complex right behind her. Shanon wasn't home so Bro. Skinner asked if we would like to come over for some Hot Chocolate. We had biked down and it was snowing. We went over and had some Hot Chocolate. They also offered us Lunch. Did I tell you perogies are a big thing in Canada. Well we went back home and then tried more LA's. It was a long cold day. We also tried by Vernon. We got there and he had said he was reading again which was good, but was busy so we couldn't teach him. Life is life.
Well we had correlation. After that the ZL's came over to our apartment, since we are pretty close to the church. We had lunch and then went back for church. It was really good. After church we went home and the went to the McLean's for dinner. Holy Cow. Words can not describe. Their kids were so hyper active. Wow. We then went to have a lesson with Francis. The YSA sisters wanted to come with since Francis is YSA. Well he wasn't home, but his two younger sisters left us come in. They had met with missionaries before they had moved and were still interested.
We introduce the BOM again and read the introduction. We were able to have 2 new investigators from it.
Well we didn't have P-day today so we had to have a normal day. Pretty much we went and met with Bro Duckworth to tell him about church, We tried by LA and found some active members we don't know very well, and then went to supper. We went to the Theissens. It was super fun. Supper wasn't quite ready, but while we waited he gave us a passion fruit. They are so weird to eat. It is like a pomegranate. You bite into it and then don't eat the outside. Inside is a mess of green goo with the seeds. You just suck it out and that is the passion fruit. It was really good. After we shared our message we sang some Christmas songs. It was super fun. We then went to the Scripture study class.
So for this week it was p-day today. Now I'll finally tell you it was moved to Tuesday because it was....TEMPLE P-DAY!!! We got to go to the temple this morning. It was super cool. It was also really cool getting there. Our car is still in the shop (making us mad) so since neither set had a car we got a ride from President and Sister Manion. They are so wonderful. It was cool to be able to spend the morning with them. Temple P-day is so great.
Well that was my week. Nothing really happened. Missionary life gets that way. I'll doing fine though. Walking everywhere really isn't fun, but it's what we have to do. We meet a lot of crazy people so it makes it interesting.
Love ya,
Elder O'Neill

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