Thursday, December 5, 2013

Londonderry Chapter 6

Well I'll start off by saying that we had transfer calls today and.....Nothing. I like it when that happens. I'll be with Elder Phillips for at least one more transfer. I'm pretty excited.
So once again I forgot my planner. We switched planners and I didn't bring my old one. Oh well.
We had P-day. It was really cool. We share a car with the other Londonderry elders, so we drove around with them all day. We Played basketball in the Morning and then did laundry at their apartment. They live in a condo that is owned by a member rented to the church. They have their own washer and dryer. We went and did studies there. We then went shopping and then went to the office. I could get used to that. We go to the office to pick up mail for the zone. Well guess who is usually in the office? Elder Marsh. The AP's usually do a lot in the office so I get to see him every week, since we go to the office now. We then came back and emailed. We then went to zone sports. We played floor hockey again. This time I didn't get hurt. We had supper at the Branco's. They are really cool. Elder and Sister Branco are well, missionaires. Elder Branco is the vehicle coordinator. Sister Branco does the mail. It was cool to be able to go over there for supper.
We really didn't do a whole lot. We found a former investigator who is still pretty interested. She had a bed bug problem and got that taken care of. She is interested in learning, but probably not too interested in committing to much. We then went and saw Bro. Guinard. It would be great if we could actually have a lesson with him. We then went to Higgins. We had supper and then Jessika gave us haircuts. My hair was getting long again. We then had a awesome lesson with Trevor. We did an object lesson and told him to choose which of Prayer, Scriptures, or Church attendance he could work on. He knew he needed to go to church more often. Hopefully he will start coming more regularly.

We honestly didn't do much. Things are pretty slow. We were able to have 3 QGC's which was a companionship record. We had supper with the Hancock's. They are a cool family.

Today was pretty awesome. We had district meeting and we had a pot-luck with the other districts. It was a good thanksgiving lunch. We then went and tried some people down in the lower part of our area. We then rode the LRT and caught a ride with Spanish to supper at the Calvert's. It was more like the Calvert's/Hunt's. They had a Thanksgiving dinner for us. It honestly was a gong show. Needless to say, that was the rest of our night.
Well we had weekly planning. Things took a long time today. We didn't get much done afterwards. We had supper with Massey's. They are awesome member missionaires. We told them about a LA that lives around the corner that we are hoping to start meeting. They went that night to invite her to the Ward Christmas Party and the other stake things. They were great. We also took the bikes back to the Nolet's and Massey's. They have been in our apartment for a few weeks now. We haven't been able to ride them much since we actually have snow that stays. We then went were going to stop by some other people in the area. We stopped at the ZL's place and they were there. We ended up going with them to help the Stebners with somethings. Bro Stebner had hip surgery and Sis Stebner needed to get some Christmas decorations down. They are such a fun family.
Well today was another all day long adventure with the ZL's. Pretty common truly. We went and helped this LA family move. They live up on the Army base and he quit the army so they needed to move. The 4 of us went up with Bro Palmer to help. Afterwards he took us out for Indian food. I now know that I don't like Indian food that much. We then were asked to help with the Food Bank. So we went down to a Grocery store and Elder Phillips and I greeted people as they came in and asked if they would like to donate to the food bank. They had $5 prepaid bags they people could buy to help "Stuff the Bus", fill the ETS bus outside. We greeted while the other guys were at the exit collecting more donations and taking the bags out to the bus. We then went and grabbed our clothes and changed at the ZL's place. Then it was off to the Ward Christmas Dinner. It was nice. Nice Turkey dinner. Not much else happened that night.
Well we went and had correlation. The 4 of us went back to our place since it was closer to the church for a lunch break. No food since it was fast sunday, but still took the break. We then went back to church. Trevor did come, but left after Sacrament meeting again. Just stay. Oh well. Afterwards the Theissens were having a huge family dinner, since they blessed their baby. They invited all of the missionaires to come and join. That was right after church. We then went with the others to say goodbye to Sis Visaijye (?). She is from the Phillipines and had to go back since she is still working on getting permanent residency. We went over and sang a hymn with her. Then we had supper at the Calkins. It was kinda crazy since right after we were done eating (which we didn't eat too much since we had just barely eaten with Theissens) Sis Calkins and the two oldest girls had to leave for the Stake Christmas practice. We still got to share a message with Bro Calkins and the two younger girls. We then caught the bus down to go see Aylissa. It was pretty cool. It was a little cold so we didn't want to have to wait for the bus for forever. We texted the bus stop to see when the bus was suppossed to be there. It was going to come in like 3 minutes. Pretty miraculous. Aylissa still didn't let us in. We stopped by Saturday and said to come back tomorrow. We show up and she isn't there/ Didn't answer. We went and stopped by David another LA pretty close. We were able to get inside and talk with him. We didn't get to share anything since he had to go pick up his wife, but it was still really awesome to go in. He said we could come back. Progress is being made.
Well that is our week. We are pretty much going to start over with most of our investigators. I guess that's one of the patterns of my mission. Come in with a ton of investigators to drop most of them and find new ones. Sounds fun. :) haha.
Love you all
Elder O'Neill

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