Monday, December 16, 2013

Londonderry Chapter 8

So this week was really pretty crazy. Everything is so different as a missionary during Christmas. It is going to be a different experience. I'm kinda excited. The Members just love the missionaries. I don't know if we will have time to visit all of the houses. Good thing that we don't have to do anything  that day. Anyways let me tell you about my week now.
So last Monday was a pretty crazy day. We had to ride around with Spanish because the ZL's had something else they had to do. Well everything took longer that expected. Well pretty much that happened until we finally got to zone sports. After that we went to the Laubmans' for supper. I was really pretty good. I really liked it over there. Sister Laubman had just got a new computer and was having some problems playing the videos. All that needed to be done was the flashplayer needed to be updated. It felt really good to be sit down at a computer and fix something even as simple as that. It's amazing the small things that you miss and the simple experiences that make you feel like your doing something good. We then went to the Branco's to have a lesson with Sister Stamp. She really didn't say much there as she does at the church. Pretty crazy day overall.

Well today was good because everything got planned out for us. We went that morning to do service at the food bank. It was a lot of fun. We just started to assemble the basic food box that they would give to someone. It was much different up here in the city than it was in Innisfail. It was pretty much our whole zone and some of the other zone. We all went to Wendy's afterwards. We then went back and did some stuff and then went on exchanges. I was going to be in Londonderry with Elder Cook. Well that was the first time I was over the area. It was interesting. Well we were supposed to have a lesson with Davin, but that fell through. We then had to meet Poulin's (the housing coordinators) because they had some furniture for us. Well we haven't found anyone to take some of our other stuff, so we are pretty cramped. We had to bring all of that up and then we did some stuff around the apartment before we went to supper at the Johnston's. It is always super fun over there. We then stopped by some people and then went to see Bro Duckworth. I found out that day what stress and coke does. Some members gave us some coke and cookies for p-day that we didn't eat. I was having a hard time staying awake in the morning so I drank some coke. I was wound up and my head was spinning all day. Coke is not good for me. I was think about you that day Dad.
Well we went to stop by some people that morning and then had lunch. The apartment managers were coming to inspect the apartment sometime between 12-1. There are only 18 apartments and we had to leave at 12:40 and they still didn't come. Crazy. We got a new investigator Annette. She was a former that was still interested in learning more. We had a lesson and brought Bro Massey with us. He is amazing in lessons. Well there were a lot of distractions. It is going to be another tough investigator, but I can't wait. We then went and exchanged back. We had supper at Higgins that night. Trevar is doing pretty well. It is hard to keep him going. We then stopped by some people. We went over to Stebners with the ZL's to pick up a present for a LA. We had some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate has become one of my favorite things ever.
Well Thursday was pretty fun. It was all pretty much ZTM prep. The ZL's lost their keys last monday and asked us to go to the stake center to find them. Well we didnt' have keys to it so we were going to take CD1. Well Found out someone had picked up the keys and taken them home. So we ended up going all over for nothing. We went to Londonderry mall for lunch and ran into the ZL's and Spanish. Well all of us, but Spanish had ZTM. so We all piled into one car. I was driving. Good thing it wasn't too far. SHH. ZTM was pretty hilarious. We had a small insight last night of what was going to happen, but the ZL's still kept it a pretty good secret. It was a ZTM about finding and QGC's. They did a roleplay that was really funny. Elder Shreeve is an interesting man, I'll leave it there. Anyways after ZTM we went home to change. We went to the Dorrey's for Supper. We saw Jeff again. He isn't interested anymore in taking the lessons. One day. I don't really remember what else happened.
Well we had weekly planning. Got a lot discussed. We then went to meet with Bro Guinard. Our lessons with him are very border line. It is just getting him to talk about something gospel related and saying a prayer. Very informal. We then met with Davin. It was good to be able to met with him again. We then had supper at the Tanner's. They are pretty great. We went and had to pick up some things from Bro Duckworth and that was our day.
Well today was supper fun. We went over in the morning to Higgins. Jessika was having a craft party with her sisters. They all pretty LA. We went over and made Christmas decorations. We each made a couple of ornaments. Mine are pretty cool. We then were going to go to our place for lunch, but instead we went with the ZL's to the Flea market where one of their investigators works for lunch. It was pretty fun. We then came back had a small time and then took off for the Stake Christmas Concert. It was really cool. They had a choir and orchestra at the Stake Center. It was really cool. To bad none of our investigators or LA's came. It was still really good.
Well we had correlation and it went really well. We were able to have a good discussion with the EQ pres, HP councilor and RS pres. We were able to get a lot of referrals from them. The work is starting to really pick up. We then went back to our place for lunch then to church. We hadn't gotten a single QGC so before supper we went and rode a bus down to the LRT and rode the LRT for a little while trying to talk to people. Well the LRT only ran so far for a little while so it kinda threw a wrench in our plans. We ended up walking to 118 and catching up with the ZL's and went to supper. We had supper at the McLean's. It wasn't too bad this time. With the 4 of us the kids weren't as wild and the food wasn't too bad. Cranberry wings aren't too bad. Not the best though. We then went down and were going to meet with Robyn. Well when we got there he was in the shower, but we got to talk to his son Ricki. They would be a really cool family to teach. So far they are just potentials. We are going to try and do Bro Palmers idea of a home bible study. It will be really good for them to start off with. Talking to Ricki also gave us a QGC. No 0's this week.
Well that was my week. Probably one of the better weeks that we've had lately.
Love you all
Elder O'Neill
PS. With Regards to Christmas, I hope to be able to know more by next week. We are probably going to be Skyping from the Thomas'. I will find out more about when. I would love to be able to talk with Sean, Em and the kids. I miss them too. And possibly Grandma. TTYL
PPS I have pictures to send, but can't from this computer. Next week.

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