Monday, December 9, 2013

Londonderry Chapter 7

Well this past week has been really quite interesting. A lot of things happened that we just didn't expect. Really pretty crazy.
Well we had P-day. I really enjoy being able to ride around with the zone leaders. It was pretty strange because Elder Kinghorn was leaving. We had P-day and then we had to pick up dinner from Conrads'. They had signed up, but Bro Conrad was out of town. Sister Conrad was nice enough to get a pizza for us. We then got picked up for the scripture study class. We tried to get through it as quick as possible so that Elder Kinghorn could say goodbye to some other people.
Well we went to see Bro. Duckworth. Those visits are usually the same. Interesting guy. We then went home and had lunch. We needed to do some cleaning and did that. Couple hours flew by and then we went to supper at Higgins. We really needed to clean up and we really got organized too. The apartment looks so much better. We had a really great lesson with Trevor. He is really starting to understand things and he is asking really great questions. Elder Kinghorn and Ladd were there to say goodbye and were a huge help to us in the lesson. We then went and saw Bro Guinard. We had a good time with him and actually had somewhat of a lesson. It was a really productive day.
Well we had time. It wasn't the best since my headphone jack wasn't working. I could hear the music for the videos and music on mormonchannel, but I wasn't able to hear the voices. I know it was just the plug in. We had lunch and then headed south for some stop-bys. Stopped by some potentials and formers and then headed back up for supper with the Palmers. Well there are 3 Palmers in the ward. This was Jim and Barbara. They are an older couple who are super nice. It was really cool too. They have a grandson on a mission in Halifax right now. I asked who it was. Elder Brenton McMullen. I was in the MTC with him. What are the chances. He is from Calgary and I'm now serving in his grandparents ward. Crazy. The Mormon world is pretty small sometimes. We then stopped by Alosious and a miracle happened. He was home and not busy. We have stopped by and talked to him just about every week this last transfer, but never had a lesson with him. So it only took 6 weeks, but we had a lesson with him. He is super awesome, just busy.
Well we had district meeting and district lunch. Oh that was great. Elder Phillips had slipped on a huge snow pile as we were going to Alosious Wednesday. He thought it was more solid than it was. It was pretty much all powder and he just stepped right in and fell. Super funny. So he had to buy doughnuts for the district. We stopped at the store and all they really had were some cookies. Well Elder Cook had slipped too, so we had doughnuts and cookies. Sweet. It was probably one of the best district meetings we've had up here. I'm talking the spiritual side too. We went to the mall for lunch. We had a thing set up with some of the youth in the ward to come for lunch and bring a non-member friend. That really didn't go that well. Pretty much no one showed up. After lunch we had the car so we went back down south. The car is super nice. We got a different car at transfer meeting. We used to have a Chevy Cruise. The mission was trying to put a lot of the cruises in the city since they only have 2 wheel drive. Well we kept getting stuck, so we asked for a different car. We now have a Subaru Impreza. It is all wheel drive and so much better. We came up and had supper at the Dorreys'. We then had a lesson with Sis Hernandez. It went really well. We had a great lesson about the Tree of Life. We left and went to stop-by Josh, Sis Chemko's grandson. We kinda got the cold shoulder from his mom. We went and just asked if he was home. We hadn't seen him in a few weeks and just wanted to see how he was doing. He mom just said "oh he's busy doing his own thing right now". It was strange. We were heading back home and about to get gas when Spanish called. They were stuck in the snow. Well we drove over to help them. They went to make a U-turn and got high centered on a snow pile. They tried everything. We got there and tried to help break up the snow underneath, but didn't help. They called a tow truck. Well it was going to be a while, so we drove them back to their apartment to wait. We then drove them back. The tow truck was delayed, but they told us to go ahead an leave. We had to switch with the Zl's since they had MLC the next day to we picked them up and drove home. It was a late night.

Well today was even more chaos. So we got up early and went with Claireview to Seminary. The Seminary students had invited us to come and play a scripture mastery challenge with them. It was a lot of fun. You had your teams and 3 people from a team went up in each round. You had to pick up the BOM and find the scripture mastery that the teacher was reading. Then the 3 people on the team had to race against the other to get Tic-tac-toe by sitting in chairs. Apparently it was a tame game with us. I guess they are usually more aggressive and picking each other up or pushing each other around. We really can't do that. so it was a lot more tame. We then went and played some basketball with them too. It was still kind of our exercise time. We then went back and since we had a late night and an early morning, we decided to take a quick nap, before weekly planning. In hindsight it was a bad idea. We slept a little too long. we then had lunch. We were going to start weekly planning and realized we left the phone at the church. so we had to walk over and get that. We came back and we had a call from the Housing Coordinators. They were in the area and wanted to come see how our apartment was doing. So we had to do a little clean up. They came and checked out everything. As soon as we get rid of our couch and coffee table (very inconvenient) they are going to bring us some chairs and a microwave cart. It'll be way better. Well we then had Weekly planning. We got a call from Spanish and Sis Bonnell needed some help moving things. She said it would only take like 30 minutes. GONG SHOW! Service like that never takes 30 minutes. It was helping her get her late husbands electric scooter out of her truck (out of the cold) and upstairs. Well the wheels of the scooter needed air as well as her truck. So we had to follow her to somewhere with an air hose. Filled it up and then go back to take it out of the truck and upstairs, where there really wasn't anywhere to put it. It ended up taking like 3 hours. We both missed our supper appointments. Luckily Angells were nice enough to leave the Chili on the front porch. We stopped by and picked it up and then went home. Didn't really do a whole lot the rest of the night. The ZL's gave us the car back. That was it. Pretty much Friday = GONG SHOW TO THE MAX!!!
Nothing could have been as bad as Friday. Well we did the usual morning routine. Then we helped Bro Anderson move some stuff. Crazy situation, but he is moving back in with his wife and kids. So we went over and helped him pack up the rest of his things and load up his and Bro Dorrey's Truck. We stopped at Burger King for lunch. and then went over to unload things. After we were done. Sis Anderson made us some hot chocolate. We talked for a little bit and then went back home to change. They gave us a little 3 foot Christmas tree as well. Now we have a Christmas tree. We are still planning on making one out of our lamp. I'll send pics when we get it done. Well we took the rest of our lunch and finished up our Christmas Packages. We then ran over and shipped them out. We then stopped by some people up north and set appointments. We then went and picked up the ZL's for supper at the Theissens. They are super awesome. They are so willing to help us out with anything and are reaching out to some LA families and friends by themselves. Such amazing member missionaries. Neither set of us really had anything so we thought about who we could stop by as the four of us. We decided we hadn't seen Sis Chemko for a while. Well I still have mixed feelings about going there. The first little while we were there was her chewing us out about how we stopped by to see Josh and how her daughter felt like we weren't getting to know them, but shoving religion down their throats. She was also saying how she didn't feel like we trust her because we have to have the right numbers of people. All in all, we probably won't ever be going back to help her or her family. They were too used to some disobedient missionaries back in Manitoba years ago that they don't like how we are trying to be obedient. It is going to really be up to the Ward now. There isn't anything that the missionaries will be able to do. Sad, but that's how it is.
Well we had our usual Sunday morning. Correlation, Lunch, Church. After church we went to Doug Palmer's for a visit. We were going to go back to our place to have some spaghetti for supper before the Christmas Devotional, but we were invited over to the older Palmers again for supper. We were very grateful for it, even though we had to eat and leave. We went to the Devotional and none of us really ever watched it before. We all thought it was 2 hours long. Well we then had an extra hour. We went and stopped by Hancock's. Then went home.
Yep this past week has been a pretty crazy week. A lot of things happened that probably weren't the best. That is what the Atonement and this life is for it to learn from your mistakes and improve. This next week is going to be better.
Love you all
Elder O'Neill

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