Monday, December 15, 2014

Frot Mac Chapter 12

Wow this week was crazy. Talk about anxiety. It was transfer calls today. We honestly couldn't figure out what was going on. It seemed like everything was possible. We didn't know what was going to happen. This morning was the worst part. The anticipation of if the phone is going to ring. The call didn't come until 9:15. It was eating at us. Well Elder Barber is going to be leaving for Grande Prairie. I don't know who my new companion is going to be, because he isn't in the mission field yet. :)........Do you get it?.............I'M TRAINING! It's going to be fun. :) Well now for my week.

Well we had Pday. Emailed, while we did laundry we played sequence with Sis Fitzner. That was fun. :) We hurried and shopped and then went and saw Bud and Dan for a bit. We then had a lesson with Prince. He is the Afrane's friend. He has so many questions. It was an interesting lesson. 

Well the other elders had to take their car into the shop and so we picked them up and went to the church and did studies. We had lunch and then we went to Grandma Jean's. It was a really good lesson and helped her understand the importance of the Book of Mormon. We then went with Bro Fitzner to see Bud and Dan. Bro Fitzner kept Bud distracted so we could teach Dan. It was a really good lesson. :) We had supper at Montoya's and then we went to the LA Olsen. 

We did some finding the Gregoire. It was really warm so it felt great. :) We found some great potentials. We went and did time. We then had lunch. While we were at lunch we got a phone call from Grandma Jean. She had read some article about polygamy and Joseph Smith having 40 wives. We are going back on Friday to help her understand. We then did some finding. We had supper with Bro Crane and Bro Norton. It was new. It was a Jigg's Dinner. Newfoundland specialty. It was pretty good. We then went to the Doonanco's. 

We had District Meeting. We then had lunch at a Donair place. It was one of the best Donaires that I've had. We then changed and went out to the Kidd's. We then came back changed and went and had supper with the Simpson's. Surf and Turf. So good. We then had a lesson with Diana. They are doing soo well. 

We had Weekly Planning and Lunch. We then went and met with Grandma Jean with Bro Fitzner. We think she is at peace with it now. We then had some potentials that fell through, so we did some finding. We had supper on our own. We then went to Jackson's. We then visited with the Roy's.

We started the day off by doing some finding downtown. It went actually really well. We talked to a lot of people and got some great potentials from it. :) We then had lunch. We went to stop by Bud and Dan again, but it was the hospital Christmas Party. We tried a few people and then came back. We then met Bro Turner at Mucho Burrito for supper. We then went to LA Olsen's again. Really good visit with them. 

Well we had Ward Council then Church. We had a lot of people come. The whole Simpson Family came as well as Diana and her kids. We then had coordination. We ran home and had lunch and did a little studies. We then had supper with Stewarts and Diggles. It was a farewell party for Elder Barber. Early christmas presents though. :) We then met up with the other elders. Elder Barber and Hentunen went out to Anzac for some goodbyes. Meanwhile Elder Kriesel and I went with the YSA and Bishop to do a living Christmas Card to some of the LA YSA. It was pretty fun. Went and sang two songs, Elder Kreisel shared a quick scripture and then we gave them some cookies. It was fun.

Well that was my week. I'm getting ready for a couple weeks of crazy. :) Merry Christmas!
Elder Colin O'Neill

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