Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fort Mac Chapter 10

Wow so there really isn't much to write this week, since I emailed on Wednesday last week. See what I can do. :)

Well we woke up in the mission home. President Manion came down and make us all pancakes. It was awesome. We then packed up everything and left. We stopped by a few last places and then drove up to Fort Mac. It didn't seem like a long drive at all. I guess I did sleep for about an hour. It felt great. We then came back and dropped off our stuff and then came and emailed. After emails we went to Bevans for supper. We were pretty late leaving the library and we were also following the other guys and ended up turning on the wrong road. Confusing. After supper we just went and filled up the car. 

well we left and went out to the Kidd's in the morning. We are going to try and help bro Kidd stop smoking before Elder Barber leaves. He is such a strong man and we know that he can do it. :) We then drove back and changed. We tried by some potentials. We then went to Fitzner's for Thanksgiving dinner. :) Yep we still get thanksgiving up here. :) After that we went and visited with the Doonanco's. A bit jealous. They just got back from Mexico and are pretty tan. :)

Well We had weekly planning, then lunch. We did mormon.org time so we could check out the christmas.mormon.org page. It is incredible watch and share the video. #ShareTheGift . We then went and visited with Bud for a bit. We then were late to our supper at Johnston's. The traffic was terrible and we had the wrong address at the other end of Timberlea. It was a trip. We then tried some more potentials after supper. 

Well our lessons in the morning fell through so we were tracting and trying some potentials. We then had lunch and went over and helped the Roys for a bit. They are building a skating rink in their backyard. It's going to be awesome. :) We then change and tried a few people. We then went out and tried to talk to people at the Santa Parade. It was cold. Fort McMurray has some weird ideas. Let's have a parade at the end of November when it's -30 outside. :) Sounds like an awesome idea. :) Jk. It was pretty successful. We went around with a Christmas questionnaire. It was actually pretty successful. We then went home and had some hot chocolate, before we went to the Simpsons. 

Well we had church, then coordination. There was a baptism for one of the Padilla's that we stayed for. We got to talk with their friends that came. Great food after. We then went tracting and tried potentials. We had supper with the Harpers and then did some more potentials. 

It wasn't an overly exciting week, but we also weren't around much. :) Next week will be a lot better. :)
Elder O'Neill

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