Monday, August 12, 2013

Innisfail Chapter 7

This week was so different. There was a lot of things that happened that I hope I will be able to tell you. I wasn't able to email yesterday because it was a Civic Holiday. I'm still trying to understand it, but the First Monday of each month is a holiday.
Well now to start.
We were able to go to Ward Council and present a really cool lesson plan based on the Work of Salvation Broadcast. We are going to have each auxiliary go to specific Part-Member families and ask the member spouse if they can have permission to ask the non-member spouse to take the lessons. If no they leave it alone. If yes, they go to the non-member and ask if we (the missionaries) can teach the family the lessons. If no, leave it. If yes, They will contact us and we will set up the appointments. The thing is that a member from each auxiliary has to be present for each lesson. It is really going to help us get our member-present lessons.
Today was transfers and I told you already that we are staying here. We went up to Red Deer to play basketball and to talk with the leaving missionaries. Pretty much every companionship is going to the transfer meeting except us, Stettler, and Three Hills (3/4 training areas). A lot more of the other areas will be training. Red Deer 1 was training, but Elder Groskreutz (I know it's a weird name) is becoming a ZL. Can't wait to meet the rest of the missionaries coming down. Oh and Elder Shettel (I went to HS with him) is going to be in the zone.
Well we did a lot of walking today. We were going to help out again at the Food Bank at 1. Well by the time we are done with studies and lunch each day it is 12. So we decided instead of trying to visit someone, we would walk to the Food Bank. Well it is all the way across town. We were able to talk to a lot of people and have some more potentials that we could visit. We went and helped at the Food Bank and then had to walk back to get the car. Ugh. Oh also about the car. I'm the driver now. We switched and I get to drive around. I started a few weeks ago to try to remember where we were going, but now I really have to try to remember. I'm doing pretty good so far.
Well today was kind of a bust. We had a lot of hope for getting some new investigators, but those fell through. We met a guy yesterday walking how was really pretty interested so we went back and were hoping to teach him the first lesson. It ended up being a glorified Quality Gospel Conversation (QGC). We still have a lot of hope that he will become an investigator. We then went out to Springbrook and were hoping to finally have our first lesson with Jamela. It was going to be a first lesson for her and recent convert lessons for her brother and cousin, Nathan and Indya. We got there and found out that Jamela wasn't going to be able to come. So it just became a RC lesson. We did have our weekly meeting with Bro. Day and Bishop Mower. They were coming up with their own ideas on how to help the work progress. It was really cool to see their enthusiasm.
Well today we were able to have time again. I love being able to find Census records. Mom it's pretty easy. just look to the side of the personal info and press search records. I was looking at Thomas O'Neill (Hugh's Son) and was able to find his wife and some of his kids. It is a little messy since it wants to merge it with duplicates that have much less information. (Might need some help with him). Later we had a lot of open time. Well that is one thing that drives me crazy that Elder Marsh does, but I know deep down it is helping me, but oh man does it bother me. Whenever we have open time he asks me what to do. There are times I honestly have no clue what to do. To me I'm frustrated trying to come up with what to do and he is sitting there like he doesn't have a clue or a thought in his mind. I know he has ideas, but won't share them, because he wants me to figure it out. AHHH. It really just gets to me. I end up just picking a name of a list. We drive there and end up having a cool experience. Why does it take so much frustration. That is something I'm still learning is how the Spirit works through me.
Well we had weekly planning and then went to Bowden later that night. We don't really spend much time in Bowden because we really don't have any investigators down there. We didn't have much else to do so we went down to talk to formers and potentials. We had a great conversation with a LA. He wasn't really interested in talking to us at first, but Elder Marsh just kept talking to him. He was pretty big into motorcyles and told us to go to the side of the house and he would show us his bike. It was a remodeled '78 anniversary Harley Davidson. He had put some custom parts and fixed it up really well. We just kept talking to him and now he is going to call us sometime to help him pour some cement to make a back porch. It was really cool.
Well today was really cool about how everything fell into place. I love when that happens, but am still learning to not rely on it. The coolest part was the conversation we were able to have with Kyle. He is the Bro. Young's Grandson. We have talked to him before. He likes to learn about religion, but isn't a member of any particular one. We ended up setting up a time to come and teach him (later today). It was a bit of a rough day, because Elder Marsh wasn't feeling too good.
Well today was the turning point. After going to church I was feeling so much more hopeful about our situation. We were able to have some great member lessons and really get things moving.
Today was fun, tiring, and eventful. Being P-day it should have been a little bit relaxing, but really didn't seem like it. We got up went to the store (much needed) and ran some errands. We had plenty of time since the Library was closed. We went back to the apt. and deep cleaned the Kitchen. It is a tiny little area of the apt, but man it was a lot of work. We spent about two hours working on it before we went to the zoo with Bro Burns. It was fun. They have a Bear show where they take you to some of the different bears they have. These bears of some of the Hollywood bears and have been trained to do some tricks. It was cool. For being Canada they do have a lot of different animals. It is all outside so really it's just some of the bigger animals. It was still cool to go with Bro Burns. We then came back and continued to clean the Kitchen 2 more hours later we were finally done. 4 hours of cleaning in a space (what to compare it to) smaller than the condo's kitchen.
Wow I can't believe I was able to tell everything in the time that I had.
I love being able to read what is going on at home.
Love you all,
Elder O'Neill

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