Monday, July 8, 2013

Innisfail Chapter 3

Hey there everyone,
This week was such a great week in so many ways. So much happened and I don't know if I can even remember it all, but I'll give it my best shot.
Well first off, I was going to tell you about last Tuesday what happened before we came to email. So the basic run down was that we got up did our studies and then went and helped on a farm. Pretty much we went to help because of Bro Day, the Ward mission leader. He is constantly volunteering our help to his staff at his dentist office and none of them have ever taken him up on the offer. Well finally John Mills (his wife works for Bro Day) took him up on the offer, so we got to help on a farm. We helped them weed the carrots and helped lay drip tape (like a soaker hose) next to some arugula and spinach so help keep them from flowering. It was a cool experience and I also got really dirty. Mud up my arms and my legs. the only part of me that wasn't muddy was my face which was covered in sweat. We were outside for a while doing that. He also let us pick some radishes, spinach, and arugula and gave us some garlic somethings. We were then going into the cooled down barn to help break apart some old boxes and palates. I was so cool in there compared to outside all of the sweat and moisture on my body just condensed and I had rivers running down my forehead. Oh but it felt nice in there. We put the veggies in the staff fridge while we were in there. We helped with that and then we had to get going. As we were driving off we realized we left the veggies in the fridge. Oh well. It was a great experience and we did exactly what Bro. Day wanted, to not preach. We just went and helped him on the farm. He did ask us some questions, but we did not push any doctrine. We just hope that something might come from it in the future and that the rest of his staff will let us come over and help.
I have also found out the help that exercise can be. In my mind I never liked exercise and would rather just run around with friends. Well this week exercise became important in my life. I was struggling to get up in the mornings and struggling to get ready on time. It was Thursday morning when this all happened. Most mornings I would get up and try to find some position that I was trying to be awake, but kept finding myself with my eyes closed dowsing off. I just wanted one day to be able to sleep in. By the time I finally got in the shower and got ready it was about 8:20 I tried to hurry and grab a bowl of cereal and sit down for personal study. It was more like 8:30 by the time I started. about 9:00 was companionship study. The first thing that Elder Marsh talked to me about was the morning schedule. He showed me the Missionary Health Guide. Why didn't I get that sooner. It has really helped ever since. I'm feeling more energetic and more awake in the mornings. Who knew exercise was important? :)
Thursday we also got to meet our new mission president. Did I mention that we were getting a new one? President Manion and Sister Manion are so amazing and will really be wonderful for the mission. Our zone went up to Red Deer for it. Before hand we grabbed lunch and we were all eating in the kitchen. I got to catch up with Elder Eyler (from the MTC) and hear about what's been going on in his area. We then went in and got to meet President and Sister Manion. They shared things about them and some of their experiences. They are from the Fort Worth (don't let Sean read that haha) area. Then all of the outlying areas had interviews with them. We were the last ones, so while we were waiting we got to talk with everyone else until it was just us and the zls. We then had our interviews ( I would rather say get to know each other times) and really got to know what great people they really are.
Well I also had a really cool experience Saturday morning. I was really feeling down and feeling like I wasn't really progressing and becoming a better missionary. I was really just feeling upset and discouraged. Before we left the appt. I sat down and read through my Patriarchal Blessing. It truly is a blessing. I read through it and was really suddenly just feeling happy and hopeful. I love the guidance and comfort that you can feel from it. It is like your own personal book of scripture that is only yours to read and directly applies to you. It was a much needed blessing at that time.
Yesterday at church was really cool as well. Sister Woodruff, who is a single sister, texted us the night before and asked for our favorite colors and the spelling of our names. We thought it was kinda weird, but didn't really think about it much. We got to church and she asked if we could come in her primary class for the last 10 minutes. We actually almost forgot, but went in and got to talk about how the Lord has blessed us as missionaries. Her class had written notes and taped them to different bags of treats. They were all put into this burlap bag that had a name tag and a colored tie on it. It was really sweet of her to do that for us. It was hard to not eat some of it, since it was fast sunday. I love the members so much. They are so kind to us missionaries.
Bishop Mower here also is really awesome. We have been trying to get the Ferences to come to church. The parents and the oldest child were baptized a few years ago, but went inactive. Elder George and Elder Marsh were teaching the younger kids. Well I really shouldn't call them kids. They are 15 and 13. They were teaching them and had a baptism date for them that is past and gone. They wouldn't come to church so that date came and went. We took Bishop Mower with us to their house last night, mostly so he could just meet them. Pretty much they still aren't going anywhere, but we are. Since watching the Work of Salvation Broadcast we have been trying to get more member support from the ward other than feeding us meals. I guess the Bishop is the first one. He told us he wants to go every Sunday sometime and visit LA's or PM's (Less Actives and Part Members) that he will choose. That is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen. The missionaries should be going with the members, not bringing the members. It will be a really opportunity.

We also got to go over and do another dump run with Bro Ellis, one of the best people of Innisfail. He didn't know it was going to be that nasty. He had a pile of debris that the dry wallers that were building his house just through outside the door and left it there. That was before all of the rain came a couple of weeks ago. So as we were picking up the pile we found out it was mostly old rotting drywall and gross drywall paste in a puddle of mud that was fermenting for a while. It was a really gross clean up job, but it had to be done. He said if he would have known it was going to be this bad he wouldn't have called us to help. We didn't care because we got to help out.
So overall this past week has been really good. We really didn't see any progress from anyone we taught last week, but I could sure feel myself progressing immensely. I know that the Lord is always with us to help lift us up. "Where two or more of my servants gather, there I am, in the midst of them"
Love you all,
Elder O'Neill

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